Mission-Driven Development

Our mission is to become the number one resource for English-speaking Japanese-language learners who aim to improve their literacy or enjoy reading authentic Japanese texts that speak to their interests.

Data-Driven Development

Our survey data from Fall 2018 showed that when reading texts in a language participants are learning, they want:

  1. help with looking up meaning of words
  2. help with grammar explanations

When we asked "I would be interested in a service that helps me read ______ in the language I want to learn", participants were primarily interested in getting help for reading short stories and (light) novels.

Furthermore, self-growth was the most common reason provided for learning a language. Given that, we will focus on core functionality first, before we make things pretty. We would like to do both, of course.

First, we want to focus on these points (dictionary functionality for looking up meanings in context, and grammar explanations), get them right, and then proceed to working on other types of texts and features that strengthen the learning experience.


These are the things we are working on right now. The indicates that some of the features have been implemented and are available.

Search and Discovery

We are planning to offer more than 10,000 texts from about 1,000 authors by the end of 2020. As we provide more and more texts by an increasing number of authors, we will provide features to discover interesting reads for you. A good search is just one way that we have planned to do that.

Knowledge building

In our 2018 survey, we had prompted to complete the statement "I want recommendations on what to read based on ______". The responses are in line with research on effective language learning in that "words I already know" is the biggest factor for what to read next. We will provide several ways for you to let us know what words you have already learned. That way, the system can give you recommendations on what to read next based on your current vocabulary.


Testing is one way to evaluate and encourage progress. Thus, we have created JLPT-style quizzes for your readings. More quizzes are being added continously.

Community building

Reading clubs, collections, discussions, accountability buddies et cetera. There are many ways to make your individual language learning a social experience by complementing and encouraging your continued progress as a reader.

And so much more...

These are the things that we have planned for the near future. There is more in the backlog, and we also want to hear from you. What are your needs in becoming proficient and staying engaged in reading authentic Japanese material? Let us know!

Free Resource

You have access to our Google doc that maps Japanese grammar hints in the texts to the (rough) English equivalent linguistic term. While we are working on improving our grammar explanations, you may find this document helpful in reading the Japanese texts on this site.

Current Job Openings


Email: team@yomi.ai