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July 2020

夏目 漱石

夏目 漱石

Natsume Sōseki (夏目 漱石) (02/09/1867-12/09/1926) a Japanese novelist known for his novels such as Kokoro (1914), I Am a Cat (1905), and Botchan (1906), among many others. Sōseki was a British literature scholar and graduated from the English Literature Department of Tokyo Imperial University. He was also a haiku, kanshi, and fairy tales composer. Sōseki is thought to be the father of modern Japanese literature and provided a modern take on Japanese literature.

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What we do aims to make authentic Japanese accessible and comprehensible, thus becoming a facilitator of effective language learning. Right now, you can read Japanese texts that are in the public domain on this website. We use natural language processing technology to identify structures in these texts and label them accordingly. Features such as word-splitting and toggling furigana are available to help you comprehend the meaning of the text without giving you a translation in English. More features, such as reading recommendations based on kanji knowledge, are available to readers with an account. We will not read the texts for you (not yet, at least) ー instead, we are helping you become a better Japanese-reader.

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